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How to be a successful Youtuber?

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Surely you have commented with colleagues or family “look at this youtuber, how many followers it has, it must be a millionaire …” And although I do not miss you, the numbers of the YouTubers are a mystery, since they are private and we usually read Approximate statistics, it is true that a small, tiny percentage of these people enter important amounts of money. But the remaining 99.5%, simply, does not.

And it looks like it’s simple: recording videos from one room, editing them or not, uploading them and earning money … But no, it’s not so simple. And that now the new technologies have opened this path between content creators and consumers, but beyond this there are several factors to consider to try to succeed as “Youtuber”:

  • Full time People who are dedicated to creating videos and have millions of subscribers, I’m sure they do it full time and not when they are a couple of hours a day.
  • It is necessary to have “spark”. I’m sorry. It is or is not. You can not learn to have spark, there is no way to simulate it. It is very clear that the most successful in these “entertainment” channels have a special spark and take advantage of it.
  • Constancy and determination. At first, especially, that nobody is going to watch the videos and it is necessary to open “void” among the thousands of options, the evidence is fundamental. If you offer to upload a video every week, it is every week. If it is daily, it is daily. There are no excuses. It should be like any other traditional work.
  • The content as a key piece. You do not have to have great productions or very sophisticated equipment. Although yes, competition is getting bigger, we’ve actually seen many very successful videos that are in a fixed and ready camera.
  • Do not expect, never, live on YouTube. Not at least in the first months or years. Behind the users with more followers, they are years of work, to record and upload videos and to be hard and give them. Yes, years Success does not arrive in a couple of months or in the tenth video. Eye, before criticizing and saying “ah, what happened, just videos” you have to investigate a bit and know about the story of the character in question.
  • The money will come if the product is good. As well as wanting to be the next elrubiusOMG, WillyRex, VEGETTA777, they have had a combination of luck, spark and good content for an audience that follows them and hopes to be able to click on the next video.
  • The more successful you are, the faster you will be contacted with other brands. We know this, in fact I just encountered some famous YouTubers in Mexico at an automobile event, where they were taken to record for their channels. In light of this scenario, there is one very clear thing: it seems That it is a great “sin” to make money with the work well done and with the result of much effort. In general, the success is always criticized, this is a norm, but here the work seems so simple, which doubles the dose. “This type, just to leave and say pure stupidity, they pay and earn millions.” This million is to be seen, and this “type” has a special spark and was very lucky to be able to combine something that is natural with the new way of doing business. Only YouTubers know how much they earn. Everything else you can read is suppositions or “calculations.” So, should it be Youtuber full-time? It is not appropriate or not. It always depends on many factors. In general, the cases I have seen are young people (I do not think those over 25 years of age) who have been able to devote much of their time to doing this. They do not have big financial commitments, I guess, and this obviously helps to focus on this type of work.
    So how did you go with YouTube? Have you been lucky? Want to be full-time Youtuber?
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